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Real Name: Tony Falcon

CDO agent, former soldier, and International Pool Champion

Territory: Notre-Dame de Grâce, Montreal

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with a criminal record

Place of birth: Notre-Dame de Grâce, Montreal

Age: Unknown

Powers: Skilled martial artist, sharp shooter, 8 Ball grenades and other assorted weaponry


Tony Falcon was an international pool champion, decorated soldier and happy husband to a beautiful model, Bronwyn.

One night, on their way to a local pool contest in NDG, hosted by Tony's mentor, Pops, Tony and Bronwyn were attacked by muggers.

Bronwyn gets murdered in the scuffle. Tony loses it, going on a murderous rampage on the two goons and subsequently, on the two policemen who tried to subdue him…

Tony gets visited in jail by major Pearson of the CDO. He offers him redemption under the condition that Tony surrenders himself willingly to a special program called Section 8.

Tony accepts.

After his required 8 years, he quits the CDO and the the Section 8 program to go back home, finding his old stomping ground in even worst shape than when he originally left.

Disgusted by the state of things, he builds himself a suit and becomes 8 Ball, a vigilante working outside the law in the Montreal Notre-Dame de Grâce neighbourhood.

When Nordik approaches him in order to recruit him for the new counter terrorism unit the CDO is forming, Tony initially refuses, feeling he has paid his debt towards society in general and the CDO in particular. But the promise of helping him find out who murdered his wife makes him reconsider.

Today, is one of the most loyal and dedicated agent of the Canadian Defence Organization.