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Real Name: Violet Léger

CDO agent

Territory: New Brunswick

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen

Place of birth: Bouctouche, New Brunswick

Age: 26

Powers: Invisibility suit, carbon fiber blades


Although popular rumours evoke her as the granddaughter of La Sagouine, the identity of her genealogical ancestors is unknown.

Incomplete records indicate that she was born in Bouctouche but grew up in a Moncton orphanage, where she got involved with a delinquent gang of pickpockets. She developed great sneaky skills, but did not embrace the idea of thievery.

Later adopted by the promising engineer Maxim Lite, Violet moved to Fredericton, New-Brunswick.

Her caring new guardian offered her the parental guideline, love and human contact she had been so desperate for.

Impressed with her curiosity and her slyness, Max used her as a model for the individual cloaking device project he was developing.

Shortly after, Max was brutally murdered in his office in front of Violet by Medusa agents, brought there by one of Violet's ex-companion in crime. She rapidly activated the invisibility suit to flee the scene.

Colonel Easton, from the CDO, ended up offering her a position as an agent.

Violet was offered training, a graduate education and even allowed to keep her special suit, the use of which she mastered so well.

Eventually Alpha Q collaborated with scientists from the Maritimes to upgrade her active camouflage device.

Self-confident, she now rises in the light under the codename of Acadia to avenge those who are afraid, those who are hiding...