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Real Name: Adam Quartz Qualis

Occupation: CDO Agent, scientist

Identity: Public

Legal Status:
Canadian citizen, no criminal record

Place of birth: Hospital, Oakville, Ontario.

Age: 35

Powers: None


Alpha Q has always lived a life of science, literally. He was Canada’s first test tube baby to be conceived by IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) on March 24th, 1982.

His interest for science emerged at a prodigious young age. He used the polymer powder found in his diapers (which has the ability to absorb 200 times its mass in water) to stop the water leak from a kitchen sink pipes. Sadly, he was still wearing diapers at age 5.

In high school, his interest for improvised fireworks, exotic pets and R/C homemade cars impeded him from making many new human friends.

Medals of science didn’t impress the girls as much as sport trophies. It’s not until he shared his knowledge of car engines, wine making and marijuana plant growing (for medical purposes of course) that he got recognized by his peers.

Continuing his education, he managed to obtain an engineer’s degree from École Polytechnique de Montreal and a Ph. D. in biochemistry from McGill University.

Part of his academic research was financed by E.D.O., who offered him a fulltime position as soon as he graduated.

Today, his occupation allows him to be surrounded by great minds and have access to resourceful laboratories. But what he enjoys the most is being part of a team he admires. He is happy to be a provider of knowledge and technology for Easton’s soldiers.

Even if he’s not a field fighter, his brain collaboration makes him feel like one of the superheroes.