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Real Name: Babin Baxter

Founder and C.E.O of Baxter Corporation / Illegal firearms dealer

Identity: Public

Legal Status: Canadian citizen, with a criminal record

Place of birth: Wallaceburg, Ontario

Age: 36

Powers: None - Powerful crime lord


Babin Baxter began his life as a poor child, literally fighting for survival.

Although he quitted school at an early age, he had a witty mind and wasn’t afraid of hard labour. A man of taste, he earned decent profits as the middle-man for numerous sales of textile to important retailers.

Entrepreneur by nature, he worked hard and quickly climbed the steps of management. With partner Norman Bodyzack, they founded their own fabric supplying company; Tasteful Textiles. Unfortunately, months later, after a conflict on the potential avenues of the company, Babin got double-crossed by his money-driven partner.

After spending 6 months in jail for assault against Bodyzack, Babin came out a new man. He had met Gustav, a fellow inmate knowledgeable of the fashion industry, who shared with him influential tips & scams. He understood the importance of appearances and recognized the power of illegal trafficking.

The honest way was no longer the path to follow. Now associated with many ex-convicts, Baxter got Bodyzack eliminated, took back control of Tasteful Textiles and changed its name for Baxter Corporation. He diversified the company’s services sectors and rapidly grew a small empire.

Dirty money fuelled the new extravaganza lifestyle of its president. Under the radar, Baxco Textiles (a division of the Baxter Corporation in Montreal) deals illegal firearms in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces.

Baxter is now a powerful crime lord that poses as a legitimate businessman; one who makes donations to charities, and seems like a generous and wealthy man.

Like the devil, Baxter is associated with multiple disappearances and murders, without sustainable proof.

Rumours have that he is behind the premeditated assassination of one of his former model, Bronwyn. She was the fiancée of Tony Falcon, a martial artist who joined EDO and took the identity of 8 Ball to avenge her brutal homicide.

According to recent information, Baxter is believed to be freshly affiliated with the weapon supplier Medusa Industries. Although no hard evidences are held against him, he is suspected of smuggling a variety of unauthorized weapons in the country.