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Real Name: Robert Benton

Occupation: CDO Agent, formerly a pharmacologist

Territory: Old Port, Downtown Montreal

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with a criminal record

Place of birth: Beaconsfield, Quebec

Age: 31

Power: super strength, abnormal resistance to drugs

Robert Benton was working for a renowned pharmaceutical company in the United States.

As a researcher, he was developing a method to deliver medication and stimulations directly into the muscles using nanotechnology, in order to regenerate muscular mass, for victims of dystrophia for example.

One night, Robert was working late, when a group of Medusa Industries spies broke in. Surprised by his presence, they attacked Bob and during the scuffle, he got injected with his own concoction.

When he was found, all the spies were dead and he was lying in a pool of blood that was not his own and no idea whatsoever of what happened…

Robert was sent to jail and scheduled for execution on the electric chair. After the execution, on the way to the morgue, he suddenly awoke, alive and well thanks to the nanites, and he rabidly attacked the morgue attendant.

His muscles in constant pain due to the nanites constantly building and rebuilding his muscle tissues, Robert escaped the morgue and hit the street, looking for drugs to ease his pain. The nanites being in overdrive, he needs copious amounts of drugs to even begin feeling the relief.

Without anything but a vague memory of where he came from, he eventually made his way back to Canada, where he was eventually recruited and rehabilitated by the CDO.

Under the supervision of the CDO and the efforts of Alpha Q, Robert is more of less stabilized and the CDO is able to use his considerable strength.

The only question is for how much longer?