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Notable Appearances (in story order)


Real Name: Ayaana Iibitsu

Occupation: African Princess, Medusa Operative

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Citizen of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, With Diplomatic Immunity

Place of birth:
Gedeon Village, Ethiopia

Age: 24

Powers: Master of multiple martial arts, Weapons expert, Believed to have mystical powers (unproven), Giant machete with blood red blade, Known to use sedative tipped blow darts


There has been a legend in Ethiopa and most of South Africa for centuries called The Blood Ghost. Described as a “giant 8-foot tall spectre” that eviscerates those who would do wrong in the region, no one is quite sure if Blood Ghost is even male or female, since no one that has seen her, has ever lived to tell the tale.

In truth, there have been many “Blood Ghosts” over the generations, most of whom, like the current incarnation, members of the Iibitsu royal family. The main purpose of the legend is to use fear to keep potential wrong-doers in line.

Aayana Ibiitsu, daughter of the king of Gedeon Village, has inherited the mantle of the Blood Ghost and for all of her adult life, trained in various African martial arts including Capoeira, Savate and Taekwondo. She also is well versed in all forms of weaponry, but her main weapon of choice, her machete with the blood red blade (the blade itself is believed by some to be haunted with the souls of those it has slain).

Aayana’s father however, has grown weary in a world where pirates plague the region with state of the art weaponry. Scared that ghosts and myth may not be enough to ward off attacks to their village, King Iibitsu makes a deal with the devil: Medusa Commander, an old ally of his.

Now brought to Canada to deal with the growing number of CDO super agents, Blood Ghost uses her dangerous skills to hunt down Medusa’s enemies, while her people are kept under Zombots protection in return.