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Canadian Shield Logo

Real name: Charles Alfred Newman

Occupation: Soldier

Identity: Public

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen with no criminal record. Officially still missing in action.

Place of Birth: Borden Military Camp, Ontario, Canada

Age: Born in 1917. (93 years old, if still alive)

Group Affiliation: Canadian Army, Section 8

Base of operation: Moncton, New Brunswick

Powers: Super human strength and stamina, healing factor


A true Canadian hero, he embodies the nation’s pride of the Second World War.

He is the sole survivor of the disastrous Canadian Soldier Enhancement Program, better known as the Moncton Experiments.

Out of hundreds of test subjects, the Canadian Shield is the only one who acquired the desired effects of rapid muscle development and tissue regeneration.

Surviving Normandy, this perfect soldier lead an elite group of the First Special Forces Unit, codenames Canadian Shield, deep inside Germany for the most covert Canadian Operation of WWII.

Dismantling Nazi bunkers, breaking strategic supply lines and communication networks, this war leader made the allies’ victory possible.

His last radio communication with the allies was on November 6th 1944. He mentioned Nazi experimentation on human bodies and a German Doctor named Joseph Mengele. His team attacked an enemies bunker on that same fateful day; the Canadian Shield and his team was never heard from again…

The knowledge gained from his voluntary participation to the Moncton experiments led to the development of Canada’s future superhero units and eventually, the CDO (Canadian Defense Organization).