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The Canadian Logo

Real name: Christopher Adam Newman

Occupation: CDO agent, Soldier

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen with no criminal record.

Place of Birth: Undisclosed

Age: Unknown but believed to be in his mid-thirties

Group Affiliation: CDO, CSIS

Base of operation: Ottawa

Powers: Super strength and stamina, electrostatic shield

He is the indestructible symbol of hope and courage for an entire nation. A one-man army standing tall to represent the values and ideals of an entire country.

Trained from the very childhood to become the perfect killing machine, he is Canada's ultimate soldier.

A direct descendant of the Canadian Shield, he was chosen to uphold the values his grandfather defended.

The most successful person to have undergone the Section 8 treatment, emerging apparently unscathed, he has been honed to the peak of human physical and mental perfection.

Raised to believe he is the embodiment of a country, he lacks in certain social skills and is apparently unaware of irony.

He acts as de facto leader of the Eastern Division of the the Canadian Defence Organization (C.D.O.).

While he usually gets the respect of most of his peers, the relations between him and Fleur-de-Lys are always tense and he is always walking on eggs when she is around.