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Crimson Logo

Real Name: Christina (Last name unknown)

Occupation: Assassin-for-hire

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen assumed

Place of birth: Unknown; Childhood spent in St-Pierre Orphanage, Île de la Madeleine.

Age: 34

Power: None – Comes in pair with her domesticated ferocious wolf.


The tale of the Crimson is a spooky story told among organized crime circles. The mysterious deadly beauty is depicted as a statuesque redhead assassin-for-hire. When you see her, if you are not the one paying, you are the one dying.

A skilled martial arts expert, she often uses a sai or a crossbow to squirt crimson blood out of her agonizing victims.

Crimson’s great looks only hide the world's most lethal woman. Her cloak covers a beautiful face which conceals a dangerous mind. Her disguise is inspired by the Little Red Riding Hood – deadly adult version.

In her many ventures, she is always accompanied by her faithful wolf, Lupa. Together, they’ve been hunting for decades.

Unfortunately, the nomad’s mercenary lifestyle has made it hard for the CDO to pinpoint her ongoing activities or hidden lair.

Governmental Intel is aware of her contracts with Medusa and the infamous Madame Doom to fulfil dirty deeds.

She is presently wanted in Canada and the United States for numerous murders and thievery.