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HARBINGER - Jordana Lajoie

Notable Appearances (In story order)

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harbinger |ˈhärbənjər|
a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another:
witch hazels are the harbingers of spring.
• a forerunner of something:
these works were not yet opera, but they were the most important harbinger of opera.

ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French
herbergere, from herbergier ‘provide lodging for,’ from herberge ‘lodging,’ from Old Saxon heriberga ‘shelter for an army, lodging’ (from heri ‘army’ + a Germanic base meaning ‘fortified place’), related to harbor.

The term originally denoted a person who provided lodging, later one who went ahead to find lodgings for an army or for a nobleman and his retinue, hence, a herald (mid 16th century).


Real Name: Harlow B. Inger

Occupation: Hostess & Manager of Club Doom/ Personal Assistant to Madame Doom

Identity: Public

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen

Place of birth: Montreal, Canada

Age: 24

Powers: None

History: Harlow B. Inger never really played well with others.

After becoming tired of being told she “could be a model” her entire life, she decided to give it a try... and ended up stabbing a fashion photographer with a stiletto heel when he got a bit too “hands on” on her very first shoot.

She is also known to be the one that caused the famous “Lingerie Fashion Show Brawl of 2011”.

After Madame Doom heard about these two incidents (amongst others), she saw a lot of herself in the young model.

She decided to put Harlow under her wing at Club Doom as the manager/hostess of the establishment as well as her personal assistant.

Affectionately named the “The Harbinger of Doom”, Inger now takes care of both Doom’s legal and illegal affairs. And despite her cynical attitude and foul mouth, she seems to be the only person Doom trusts to do so.

Harlow can barely keep herself sane in the wild world of Club Doom, and with the increasing number of superheroes that pop up in her life, Harlow is nearly at her wits end.

The thing is, going crazy could be just what Madame Doom has planned for her prodigy!