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Real Name: Hortense Netter

Occupation: Executive Vice President (EVP) of Medusa Industries / Intelligence officer and lieutenant to the Medusa Commander (aka Doctor Josef Mengele)

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen as of 2008

Place of birth: Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Age: Unknown

Powers: Uses a high-tech sting gun – Helicopter pilot - skilled hand-to-hand combattant.

Although she was born in a large and lower-class Brazilian family, her fate was readily different then her siblings.

During pregnancy, Hortense’s mother underwent special experimental treatments from Rudolph Weiss (aka doctor Mengele), in exchange of monetary compensation.

Hortense saw the light of day with blue eyes and blond hair. A real newborn Aryan baby.

She was then adopted by Rudolph Weiss himself, and travelled the world by his side.

Now a beautiful, smart and determined femme fatale, Hortense flirts like a butterfly but stings like a bee.

Her strong inter social skills and ruthlessness have propelled her at the top of Medusa Industries.

She is Mengele’s right arm and social link. During the day she runs the business like a beehive, and at night, she takes the identity of Hornet.

To solve any sticky situation, she won’t hesitate to use her latest dart-throwing shooter (designed and manufactured by Medusa Industries) a weapon that stings its assailants, leaving them paralyzed for a brief moment.

She strongly believes in the goals of the Medusa Commander and only death will stop her.

It was recently revealed that Hortense has a TWIN SISTER.

Little is known about her sibling.

Contrary to what was reporter, it is the mysterious sibling who seems to perform most covert operations as Hornet while Hortense focuses her energies on running Medusa Industries.

However, Hortense has been known to run some missions as the Hornet as well.

The mystery around them remains...