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Jackpot - Dominique Arganèse

Notable Appearances (in story order)

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Real Name: Jackie Pothier

Occupation: Mercenary, Thief, Former Martial Arts Teacher

Territory: Montreal, Quebec

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with limited diplomatic immunity

Place of birth: Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal, Quebec

Age: 25

Powers: Proficient in multiple martial arts including WuShu, Nujitsu and Aikido, Skilled acrobat, Proficient sword skills


Jackie Pothier was a martial arts instructor with her own school but all of that was taken from her when her gambling addicted boyfriend, William Carter, lost everything they had in a high stakes poker game, including her cherished school.

After a vicious encounter with gangsters he owed money to, Carter’s face became viciously scarred, and may have died if Jackie hadn’t come home and fought off the criminals. This was the last straw, and Jackie left William and her happy life as a teacher behind.

Losing her school, her relationship and every bit of happiness she had, Jackie decided to use her ninja training and fighting skills to become Jackpot, a hired thief and mercenary for Montreal’s Chinese Consulate.

Preferring to remain under the CDO’s radar, it all went to waste after an encounter with 8 Ball while on a mission stealing documents. The two had a “playful” sparring match, but Jackpot eventually charmed the usually hard-nosed vigilante that she was the lesser of two evils...that time.

Though cold-blooded and seemingly heartless at times, she also sees her new life as a game of sorts, a game she never plans on losing.