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Real Name: Dominique Ophélie Martin

Occupation: Former Fashion model, High-End drug dealer, Club Owner

Territory: Old Port, Montreal, Quebec

Identity: Publicly knoen

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with a criminal record

Place of birth: Drummondville, Quebec

Age: 38

Powers: None

Particularity: As a portion of her face has been burned, she obscures it with a Phantom of the Opera style mask. Highly eccentric, a basic psychological profile would probably rank her as insane.


Dominique Ophélie Martin was a famous Quebec-born model who rose to prominence during the heydays of the supermodels in the 1990's.

Despite all the fame and fortune, something was missing in her life. Her strong business acumen led her to eventually run one of the most ruthless drug trafficking rings in Canada. Operating out of the Old Port of Montreal, her cartel caters almost exclusively to the world's elite and the fashion world she loves so much.

It did not take long for Dominique to make enemies, including her own sister, Margaret, and her lover, American businessman Charles A. Vandal.

Made aware of an attempt on her life being planned by Margaret and Vandal, Dominique set them up and arranged for them to be assassinated.

A wounded Margaret survived the initial attack and managed to throw a makeshift molotov cocktail at Dominique before being mowed down.

With the right side of her beautiful face severely burned, Dominique became unhinged… She grabbed a broken piece of a mannequin head to hide her scarred face, forever melting the plastic into her flesh… From that day on, Dominique become known as Madame Doom...