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Mantis Logo

Real Name: Unknown

Occupation: Assassin

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Citizen of North Korea

Place of birth: Unidentified location in North Korea

Age: 30

Powers: Deadly twin blades that are concealed in the wrists of her suit, Proficient in many forms of martial arts and tactical weaponry.

Born in a North Korean concentration camp around 40 years ago, Mantis and her twin brother were the children of a female prisoner by the name of Phuong Ly and an unidentified African-American soldier.

Her father was savagely murdered while trying to escape Vietnam during the war. Her mother escaped thanks to the intervention of the Medusa Commander, who brought her to North Korea, due to his noted interest in twins.

Unlike her brother however, she had a congenital disease. To save her life, Medusa Commander had her cryogenized until he could find a cure. Mantis’ body was preserved for decades, enabling Mengele to “perfect” his cloning process using her stem cells.

Seen as being part of a “lesser race”, the Nazi scientist saw her as the perfect guinea pig, and multiple clones have been created from her genes.
One of these clones appears to be Bronwyn, Tony Falcon’s murdered fiancé, the implications of which are not yet fully understood.

After years of being a lab rat, Medusa trained Mantis and turned her into one of their assassins.

She took to the use of various forms of martial arts and showed natural instincts and skills to make her one of the deadliest assassins on the Medusa payroll, if not in the world.

Her deadliest skill of all could very well be the art of seduction. Taking her namesake VERY seriously, Mantis especially enjoys luring her unsuspecting male victims into the bedroom and viciously murdering them post copulation, usually by decapitation, just like her namesake.

Mantis is seemingly very loyal to Medusa Commander and Hornet, but she does hold much resentment towards both of them.

She desperately wants to learn more about her parents and what happened to them, and would likely punish anyone, Medusa or CDO affiliated, who gets in her way!