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Masquerade Logo

Real Name: Diana Adams

Occupation: Fashion Model, Adventurer

Identity: Publicly known

Legal Status: Citizen of Canada with no criminal record (yet).

Place of birth: Westmount, Quebec

Age: 27

Powers: Excellent hand-to-hand combats skills, very proficient with hand guns, extremely photogenic.

Diana Adams is a Canadian socialite, heiress and media personality, best known for her modeling work.

Being in demand with the best fashion photographers brings her all around the world, a fact that did not escape the Canadian Defence Organization who tried to recruit her several times.

Independent of spirit, bored with her socialite life and with a strong thirst for adventure. Diana eventually decided to accept freelance contracts but from both sides of the fence - an activity for which she created the identity of Masquerade, ironically not wearing any mask.

Sometimes she works for the CDO, but sometimes she also works for the enemy, depending on her mood and the spur of the moment. That makes her highly unpredictable but once she has been paid, she is highly reliable, so the CDO does use her services more often than they are willing to admit.

Masquerade has no particular powers but she has good martial arts skills and is unusually proficient with hand guns, her weapons of choice.

She has her own work ethics, which prevents her from accepting certain jobs or performing certain tasks.

She tries not to kill, unless absolutely necessary.