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Real Name: Manon Deschênes

Occupation: CDO Agent, former social worker

Territory: Northern Quebec.

Base of Operations: Fermont, Quebec


Legal Status:
Canadian citizen with no criminal record

Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Age: 24

Powers: gauntlets emitting a paralyzing neurotoxin with effects apparent to freezing. Seemingly immune to cold.

Manon was born to a geologist father and a psychologist mother. Having problems conceiving naturally, they required the services of a fertility clinic in Brazil.

Manon grew up in Fermont, her father working for the Iron Ore Company (IOC) at the time. She enjoyed a relatively trouble free childhood. Eventually, because of her father's job, they relocated even further north, in Nunavik.

As a lonely and isolated teenager, Manon eventually fell prey to depression. She eventually tried to end her life by walking, barely dressed, through the taïga.

As she laid in the throes of hypothermia, she was rescued by an Inuit woman who brought her back to life with the helps of a substance extracted from a specific species of lichens.

Manon's reaction to the treatment was nothing short of extraordinary and gave her an astonishing resistance to the cold.

The two women became fast friends and the inuit woman shared with Manon her secrets and traditions.

Manon eventually returned to Fermont, now a young woman at peace with the anger, loneliness and emptiness she felt as a teenager.

Having fully embraced her northern roots, she became a social worker, her office located inside the infamous Fermont Wall, the windscreen that protects the city from the icy northern winds.

She was eventually recruited by major Pearson to work for the Canadian Defence Organization and she never looked back, doing her part in protecting the sovereignty of the Canadian Arctic.