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Pacifica Logo

Real Name: Victoria Kelinza

Occupation: WDO Agent, formerly a professional athlete

Territory: British Columbia

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen

Place of birth: Victoria, British Columbia

Age: 29

Power: Exoskeleton suit allowing super speed.


Born and raised in BC, Victoria has travelled the world as an athlete and health guess-speaker.

She is well known from the international public since she finished 5th at the Women’s heptathlon, during the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing.

The Canadian population loves her and gave her the nickname “Velocity Victoria”.

She even received the 2011 Valiant Citizen award from Vancouver, where she currently lives.

Using her popularity to continuously help others in need, she developed multiple neighbourhood watch programs and created a foundation for amputees.

Eventually, KinEthicsTM, a world leader in the field of biomechatronics, hired her as a consultant for the development of new exoskeleton suits enhancing athlete’s ability.

After joining the Canadian Defence Organization (CDO) under the code name of Pacifica, her speed suit got improved to its actual performances.

Now quicker than a blink, she patrols the city without you noticing.

Sharp, proficient and fast, Pacifica’s a workaholic who accomplishes lots in a short period of time.

Despite the violent temperament of her colleagues, she stays as pacifist as possible. As a team player, even though she’s always ahead, she leaves no one behind.

While criminals wish she would stick to speeding-tickets, Pacifica is out there, tackling all the crooks who’ve chosen the wrong path.

She’s running for the human race.