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The Recruiter - Carmen Echeverria

Notable Appearances (in story order)

The Recruiter Logo

Real Name: Jenny (Last Name Unknown)

Occupation: Recruiter for Medusa

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Citizen of Mexico with criminal record

Place of birth: Tijuana, Mexico

Age: 30

Powers: Weapons expert

Little is known of the woman known as Jenny other that she is Medusa Enterprise’s recruitment officer and answers only to Medusa Commander and the Hornet twins.

What is known is that she is originally from Mexico, searches the world for criminals and mercenaries to join the organization and she is possibly the most sociopathic, sadistic woman on the planet. Jenny loves murder, money and mayhem... not necessarily in that order!

Her favourite pastime of all could be torturing Medusa’s enemies while enjoying one of her Cuban cigars!

Armed with her dry wit and expertise in big guns, knives, and explosives, whenever The Recruiter is around you are either going to be offered a job or in for the deadliest night of your life!