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VODA - Kalinka Petrie

Notable Appearances (in story order)

Voda Logo

Real Name: Alla Karpova

Occupation: Science teacher, CDO Agent

Territory: Manitoba

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen

Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine

Age: 22

High-tech hydraulic suit that gives her not only the ability to walk, but the ability to shoot super intense water blasts from her wrists, which she calls “aquasers”, Olympic athlete level speed and agility, the suit also has a self-repairing feature as well as the ability to re-absorb moisture from the air when hydro levels are low.


Alla Karpova was once a happy young girl from a small town in Manitoba, until the fateful winter day where a fall down an icy hill resulted in a spinal cord injury, leaving Alla paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life.

Alla’s life was changed forever, but her disabilities did not hold Alla back in moving on with her life, getting a university degree in Science & Technology and most importantly, maintaining her quirky sense of humour.

Never deterred from her dream of walking again, Alla used her knowledge of hydraulics to invent an experimental suit with the help of Douglas MacNeil, Vice-President of Hydraulics of the Manitoba Floodway Authority.

Containing a supply of water contained in a compartment located on her back, the suit miraculously gives Alla the ability to walk again, but it also provides a lot more.

Alla can now run at faster as any athlete and has the agility of an Olympic level gymnast.

She also now is able to shoot water blast out of the wrists of the suit she calls “aquasers”. If focused at the right density, her aquasers can be powerful enough to cut through solid steel!

It was not long before the CDO contacted her and added her to their roster of super-agents operating all across Canada.

These new abilities along with Alla’s love for comic books and her desire for heroism, made her adapt the identity of Voda (a nod to Alla’s dual Ukranian/Canadian heritage), and she has become the “crusader of justice” that prowls the streets of Winnipeg, whether there is crime or not!

Voda is currently located in an area teeming with criminal activity - some areas of Winnipeg are surprisingly rowdy! - she knows it's only a matter of time before her activities get noticed by heroes and villains alike! And she will be ready!