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WILD ROSE - Sandra Belrose

Notable Appearances (In story order)

Wild Rose Logo

Real Name: Jennifer Spencer

Occupation: WDO Agent, formerly a lawyer

Territory: Alberta

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian citizen

Place of birth: Edmonton, Alberta

Age: 27

Power: Phasing powers


After losing a high profile trial where a man who murdered his daughters got cleared after claiming to have drank washing fluid, Jennifer thought that her career as a high profile young lawyer was over.

That is until her old university roommate, Trevor, showed up on her doorstep with a challenge: help him recover the rights to one of his inventions from the corporation he was working for.

Jennifer jumped at the chance and became a partner in the new venture and moved to Calgary to be with Trevor and his partner David, working on the new phasing suit devised by the guys.

The unusual properties of Trevor's discovery raised the interest of the C.D.O. (Canadian Defence Organization) and it was not very long before Jennifer got recruited to be Alberta's protector, Wild Rose!

Jennifer still practices law but she can now finally call it Justice, as Wild Rose.