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Notable Appearances (In story order)


Real Name: Jason Blade

Occupation: Vigilante, CDO agent, Former circus knife thrower

Territory: Northwest Territories

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen

Place of Birth: Northwest Territories

Age: 26

Powers: Above average reflexes, expert marksman, adequate fighting skills

The man named Jason Blade spent most of his youth as a circus performer, but not much more is known about his parents or background beyond the fact that he was born in the Northwest Territories. Taken in at a very young age, his circus family is basically the only one he’s known. Despite his frequent travels with the circus, he always come back to the land…

As Jason became older he found himself disgusted with big corporations mining, fracking and other inconsiderate polluters corrupting the peaceful communities of the Territories.

Knowing that he has a particular set of skills as a knife thrower in the circus, Blade took it upon himself to become a thorn on these unruly and unregulated corporate citizens and started a quest to take down all corruption in the northern region.

It seemed like a solid plan... Until his newfound enemies decided to call in the most dangerous hired killer money can buy to take him out: The villainous and seductive Crimson.

Jason soon learned the price of his noble actions, as one fateful night, while he was visiting his friends at the circus, Crimson and her vicious pet wolf Lupa paid a visit.

The result was a vicious battle between Blade and Crimson in the woods while Lupa attacked and massacred the entire troupe.

What still confuses and haunts Jason to this day is the fact that despite the murder of the only family he’s ever known, there is a lustful bond between him and Crimson, and he is drawn to someone who should, by all means, be his mortal enemy.

With a kiss, Crimson decided to spare Jason Blade’s life, took one of his trademark golden knife as a memento and left him with a “pet name”, the one he uses today as one of the CDO’s newest recruits: Yellow Knife. He embraced the name yet somehow cannot resolve himself to let anyone know why he took it or how he got it...

Jason obsesses over his inevitable reunion with the deadly Crimson, but will he kill her...or kiss her?