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YUKON JACK - Ryan Trudeau

Notable Appearances (In story order)


Real Name: Jack Walsh

Occupation: CDO Agent, Former lumberjack

Territory: Yukon Territory.

Identity: Secret

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen, Widower

Place of birth: Whitehorse, Yukon.

Age: 31

Powers: Heightened strength, stamina and senses, master of several Japanese martial arts including Bushido, Aikido & Kendo and has blended these skills with his twin battle axes to create a unique fighting style.

Jack Walsh spent most of his young life working in the Yukon Territory at his father’s lumber yard. Until Medusa bought the entire territory out from under the already struggling Walsh Lumber Company.

Angry, and with no direction, Walsh was recruited by the CDO and sent undercover to Japan in order to keep an eye on Medusa’s overseas operations.

While there for over a decade,Walsh became engrossed in the ancient culture of Japan, most importantly, Bushido, the art of the Samurai.

Jack found a teacher, Master Hayashi and while training under the wise old sensei, also fell in love with his beautiful daughter, Maki, eventually marrying her.

Jack became Hayashi’s star student, even to the point of learning the ancient methods of gaining almost superhuman abilities such as strength and stamina through meditation.

Jack was extremely happy with his new life... and even almost forgetting why he was sent to Japan in the first place. Until Medusa Industries reminded him.

Medusa hired assassins attacked Master Hayashi’s peaceful dojo, murdering everyone inside including Hayashi himself... and Jack’s wife Maki. Jack himself was left for dead. If not for his ability to temporarily stop his own heartbeat, he would have certainly not survived the attack.

Consumed by anger and with a thirst for revenge, Jack returned to his home in the Yukon.

Living alone and in peace, Jack has centered his anger via meditation, and is once again one with nature and earth, even adopting a pet grizzly bear named Adams, who serves as the largest watchdog of all time!

Weston of the CDO soon took notice of Walsh’s return and re-enlisted him in the organization.

Armed with his twin battle axes, newfound abilities and Samurai-like sense of honor, he is the perfect secret asset for the CDO, and has now been assigned with the country-spanning task of finding out what Medusa Commander’s grand scheme is.