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The best superhero bang for your buck out there!
Maxim Tremblay


8 Ball: Politically Incorrect
8 Ball must free a corrupt politician taken hostage by a citizen that has had enough. 12 pages.
Crimson: Trophies
Crimson goes to extreme when it comes to her love of animals! 2 pages.
Alpha Q & Black Terror: Prototype
Black Terror tries out a new weapon designed by Alpha Q… 2 pages.
Fleur-de-Lys: Shoplifting
Some people are ready to anything to meet the lovely Fleur-de-Lys… 2 pages.
8 Ball: Break and Run
While on vacation in Sudbury, 8 Ball must take matters in his own hands when he witnesses an abuse of power by a rich local businessman. 12 pages.
The New Felquists in October Crisis
Guest writer Jay Dee gives us a sweet Halloween tale featuring the New Felquists and their plan to capture premier Charest! 4 pages.
The Canadian: Time Out
The Canadian has to defuse a bomb! Will he do it on time? 2 pages.
Nordik: Catching a cold
Nordik makes a snowman in front of the police station while waiting for the policeman in charge to return from his break...2 Pages.
Madame Doom: No son of mine!
Madame Doom wants an heir! She recruits the Medusa Commander with the mission of giving her a son she can be proud of! 12 pages!
Fleur-de-Lys: Do not let it fly!
Fleur-de-Lys gets into a scuffle with Miss Canada at the airport! 2 pages.
Medusa Commander: Power to the People
Medusa Commander has a peculiar way of educating his young adopted daughters… 4 pages.
Black Terror and 8 Ball try to rescue the Canadian and Nordik, both prisoners of Medusa Commander. What happens then will forever change the dynamics of the team. 24 pages.

Things go from bad to worse in this third installment of the Heroes of the North chronicles.

8 Ball confronts his own morality when trying to help a corrupt politician.

Madame Doom feels her biological clock ticking and goes to extreme measures to take care of it!

Things come to a head in North Korea when Black Terror and 8 Ball attempt to rescue The Canadian and Nordik, both prisoners of the Medusa Commander!

All that and much more in this 80 pages extragavanza!

Featuring stories by Yann & Michel Brouillette.

Art by Geof Isherwood, Christopher Yao, Gibson Quarter, Max Forward, Deveo Studios, Patrick Hénaff, Adam Gorham and Olivier Raymond.

Colours: Aljosa Tomic.

Lettering: Yann Brouillette and Zen.

plus Taxes (if applicable, Canadian residents only.)


The Brouillette brothers, or the Brou Bros as they christened themselves, never wrote a comic book until they were tasked with writing the closing chapter of the Heroes of the North saga, the Rescue. But one would never know because they were born storytellers to begin with and they had been reading comic books most of their lives. They took to it like fish to water… And the rest, as they say, is history... still in the making!

Yann Brouillette

Yann Brouillette was born in Montreal in 1981 and has loved comic books since he's a kid. Despite his parents' aversion for them, Yann and his brother sneakily exchanged tooth fairy's money for the latest issues of the X-Men... and did not believe in tooth fairies.

Since its first issue in 2010, Yann became the head-writer for the Canadian super hero comic book series Heroes of the North with the publication of the Canadian Shield issue #1, which he co-wrote with his brother. Simultaneously, Yann has written sci-fi short stories for the Zidara9 Québec anthology as well as Enfer Corps. a series of funny stories surrounding a bunch of pathetic devils for the Lanfeust Mag.

Rumor has it that Yann obtained his Masters in organic chemistry from Université de Montréal in 2005 and his Ph. D. in organic chemistry from Montpellier University in 2008. It's true.

Now a chemistry professor at Dawson College since 2009, Yann is offering a new complementary course to non-science students entitled "Comic Book Chemistry" where he uses situations depicted in graphic novels to describe basic chemistry.

In sum, he hopes you will enjoy reading Heroes of the North's comics as much as he liked writing them.

Michel Brouillette

Michel Brouillette is a young stand-up comedian, actor and writer. After the completion of his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Concordia University, Michel joins the École Nationale de l’Humour, a famous Montreal comedy school. He quickly becomes known in the bar scene all over the province of Quebec.
Passionate about films, he wears the Canadian Shield superhero suit for the action-packed Canadian web series Heroes of the North. The same year, he plays a professional limbo-athlete in the web comedy series Toujours plus bas and obtains many dramatic roles in independent feature films, popular television dramas and of course, a bunch of commercials.

Creative and versatile, Michel is also a remarkable stand–up writer and scriptwriter. Fresh out of school, he rewrites and adds punch lines to the teenage super hero TV series Les Kiki Tronic (Télé Québec). He also writes the 6th and 7th season of the popular reality TV show Ma Maison RONA (TVA). His hard work and comic effectiveness brings him to become Marie-Lise Pilote’s main comedy author. He co-writes her latest stand up show “ Réconfortante” for which he was nominated for “Best writer” at “Le gala des Olivier 2013”.

His latest web serie project, La Brigadière, was also nominated at Le gala des Gémeaux for «Best web serie». Michel has signed several webisodes of the Heroes of the North saga and numerous comic books, always in collaboration with his trusty brother. In the Yann and Michel dynamic writing duo, who is the hero and who the sidekick? This you will never know...