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Explore a brand new Universe!

Get all the Season One comic books in one volume, including the critically acclaimed, otherwise out of print Crimson one-shot! Written by Yann & Michel Brouillette and illustrated by Marcus MAS Smith.

Discover the sinister origins of Madame Doom, Black Terror, Hornet and Crimson!

Explore the dark pasts of Fleur-de-Lys and Acadia!

Watch as our Heroes save Riverdale (Toronto) from a horde of Zombots!

Go on a trip (literally!) with the near insane Black Terror!

All that and much more can be found in these 263 pages of pulse-pounding action!

Discover new artists!

Featuring the art of Christopher Yao, Zach Fischer, Daniel Wong, Geof Isherwood, Marcus Smith, André St-Amour, Gibson Quarter, Guillermo Ortego, David Cutler, Olivier Raymond, Max Forward, Dan Parent, Deveo Studios, Adam Gorham, and Patrick Hénaff. Cover by Donald Caron.

Complete your Collection!

Includes these four volumes, including the out-of-print Crimson One-Shot
Crimson Dark Origins
Dark Origins
Get yourself over 260 pages of comic book greatness!
plus Taxes (if applicable, Canadian residents only.)

This magnificent compilation includes every single comic story published for the first Season of the Award-winning web series about Canadian superheroes, including the critically acclaimed, out-of-print Crimson: Dark Origins story!


Don't just take our word for it:

In the middle of the Compendium right now... First contact with HOTN... God it's good... I thought the concept was interesting before, but I never thought it would be that good...
Michel Alepins, on Facebook
Alpha Flight, eat your heart out!
Ottawa Comicon Attendee
Whether their origin is filled with humour or tragedy, triumph or heartache, all of the characters of Heroes of The North each have interesting and well conceived back stories and the gang puts their hearts and souls into bringing them on the page!
Dave Michaels, Full Page Bleed


Together, they represent over a 100 years of comic book expertise, story craftmanship and wordsmith experience.

They are authors, of course, but what matters most to you is that they are also comic book fans first and foremost.

Fans who understand how to shape the stories they want to tell into books that readers can’t wait to read!!!

Yann Brouillette

Yann Brouillette was born in Montreal in 1981 and has loved comic books since he's a kid. Despite his parents' aversion for them, Yann and his brother sneakily exchanged tooth fairy's money for the latest issues of the X-Men... and did not believe in tooth fairies.

Since its first issue in 2010, Yann became the head-writer for the Canadian super hero comic book series Heroes of the North with the publication of the Canadian Shield issue #1, which he co-wrote with his brother. Simultaneously, Yann has written sci-fi short stories for the Zidara9 Québec anthology as well as Enfer Corps. a series of funny stories surrounding a bunch of pathetic devils for the Lanfeust Mag.

Rumor has it that Yann obtained his Masters in organic chemistry from Université de Montréal in 2005 and his Ph. D. in organic chemistry from Montpellier University in 2008. It's true.

Now a chemistry professor at Dawson College since 2009, Yann is offering a new complementary course to non-science students entitled "Comic Book Chemistry" where he uses situations depicted in graphic novels to describe basic chemistry.

In sum, he hopes you will enjoy reading Heroes of the North's comics as much as he liked writing them.

Michel Brouillette

Michel Brouillette is a young stand-up comedian, actor and writer. After the completion of his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Concordia University, Michel joins the École Nationale de l’Humour, a famous Montreal comedy school. He quickly becomes known in the bar scene all over the province of Quebec.
Passionate about films, he wears the Canadian Shield superhero suit for the action-packed Canadian web series Heroes of the North. The same year, he plays a professional limbo-athlete in the web comedy series Toujours plus bas and obtains many dramatic roles in independent feature films, popular television dramas and of course, a bunch of commercials.

Creative and versatile, Michel is also a remarkable stand–up writer and scriptwriter. Fresh out of school, he rewrites and adds punch lines to the teenage super hero TV series Les Kiki Tronic (Télé Québec). He also writes the 6th and 7th season of the popular reality TV show Ma Maison RONA (TVA). His hard work and comic effectiveness brings him to become Marie-Lise Pilote’s main comedy author. He co-writes her latest stand up show “ Réconfortante” for which he was nominated for “Best writer” at “Le gala des Olivier 2013”.

His latest web serie project, La Brigadière, was also nominated at Le gala des Gémeaux for «Best web serie». Michel has signed several webisodes of the Heroes of the North saga and numerous comic books, always in collaboration with his trusty brother. In the Yann and Michel dynamic writing duo, who is the hero and who the sidekick? This you will never know...

Ty Templeton

For more than twenty-five years in the comics industry, Ty Templeton has contributed scripts and art to Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Mad Magazine, The Simpsons, The National Lampoon, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, the Avengers, the Justice League and many others.

Ty has also worked as a publisher, editor, colorist, letterer, teacher, and is a lifelong reader of these things. (Don’t get him started on his stage or TV careers, or the disastrous chapter of his life playing Gumby on TV.)

His greatest creations are his four kids, and a musical single he once put out with Alan Moore on the B side.