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Want to submit your Fan Art for our gallery? Follow these instructions….

You are a fan of Heroes of the North and you want to send us your masterpiece based on our characters?

Or a picture you have taken of one of our figurines?

Or a video mashup?

Or anything else you came up with?

We'd love to see it!

Just pick the file on your hard drive, hit the upload button and send away!


By using this functionality, you implicitly agree that Heroes of the North can use your artwork in our fan art gallery.

Please don't forget to also send us an email with the proper credits!

Maximum size Allowed: 4 GB.

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Want to become an official Heroes of the North Retailer? Here is how:

  • Email us at OBSCURE2 to get a username and password for our exclusive RETAILERS page.Do not forget to send us a link to your email store when you write to us so that we can prepare your official link for the site. Your link will be displayed on every public page on the Heroes of the North site.
  • Place an order.We offer a 40% discount on all merchandise, free shipping in Montreal, and free shipping on orders over $250 anywhere in Canada, a free book for every ten of the same ordered, and your choice of a free figurine for every orders over $500. Now that is a sweet deal!
  • That's it!Once we have processed your order, we will add you automatically to our growing list of Official Heroes of the North retailers! Welcome aboard!
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You would like the Heroes of the North to attend your Comic Book Convention or other Pop Culture related event?

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No problem! Here is what you need to know:

Email us at OBSCURE3 at we will gladly iron out all the details and contractual obligations.

Please provide us with the Convention website link, show dates, and a brief description of what you have in mind and if possible, the talent that you would like to see attend.

Please keep in mind that some talent charge an appearance fee beyond the standard per diem, travel and lodging.

Please see list below for fees options.


Depending on who you choose from our roster of Convention available talent, there are a few different ways that can happen. Talent make decisions on appearances based on a number of factors (location, time of year, etc.) and those can play into how much (or how little) he/she is willing to be compensated for an event appearance.

Talent will appear for a flat fee paid by the convention to appear as a Guest. Sometimes talent might request half the fee in advance (and, in some cases, all of the fee in advance) before appearing. In any case, travel expenses and a per diem are required as well.

In some cases, Talent might be interested to come to a convention to check it out without asking for ANY fees. In this case, he/she will usually expect a convention to make the appearance cost neutral by asking that all travel fees and food are covered. While this isn’t very common, it DOES happen from time to time.

Talent will earn his/her fee by selling autographs and similar services (and, thus, is paid by the attendees) during an event. The convention, though, “guarantees” that Talent will make a specified amount of money by selling these items and, if the talent DOESN’T sell that amount, the convention will pay out the difference. Talent appearing based on a guarantee will request travel expenses and a per diem, too.

Talent will appear for a reduced appearance fee AND a guarantee. This usually works for smaller events on a budget since offering cash up front for the talent (the appearance fee) eases concern of a lower turnout and, thus, making no more money than the guarantee. As with Appearance Fees and Guarantees, Talent will request travel expenses and a per diem, too.

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Want to appear in the show?

We get lots of inquiries from people wanting to appear in the show. It is not as easy as it sounds. Here is what you need to know:

  • The show is union (ACTRA)That means that there is a certain number of rules that we need to respect, the main one being that you need to be part of that union. Although in some circumstances, it can be worked out, especially for specific looks, skills or nationalities that are harder to find, if you are not a union member, chances are pretty slim beyond being an extra.
  • If you are not local, most likely forget about itUnless you are an established movie star or someone with hard-to-find specific looks, skills or nationality, we work on a tight budget and we cannot afford to bring people from all over. We shoot most of the show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • If that hasn't discouraged you yet, send us your stuff!Email us at OBSCURE4 and send us photos of yourself, preferably professional casting photos and your acting resume. If we find something for you, we will contact you.
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You are an artist or a writer and would like to contribute to the comic books or the show?


Sorry! We are not currently looking for writers. Keep an eye out on this page as it may change any day.


Send us an Email at OBSCURE5 alongside some samples of SEQUENTIAL ART.

No pinups please! We like pinups like everybody else but we want to see how you tell a story visually, not just how good you are at making pretty drawings.

It can be a Deviant Art link, as long as there is SEQUENTIAL ART in abundant display so that we can make up our mind about your storytelling skills.

Also useful is your expected page rate.

We prefer pencilers that ink themselves as well but we are open to both options if necessary.

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It cannot wait? There is always Live Chat!

You can also chat with us live if the matter is urgent. However be aware that we are not monitoring this 24/7 - we are a very small team. But if we are online, it will be our pleasure to assist you in any way we can. Just click on the chat button below - we will get an email and join in shortly.