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This is a in-universe website, part of the transmedia portion of the Heroes of the North experience... Diana Adams is a fictional character from the Heroes of the North universe. The actress that plays her is safe and sound.


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Dave Michaels

I rehearsed in my mind the cool, charming things I would say if I ever got the chance to meet Diana Adams in person. And then, one happened! And I was speechless!! She took my breath away! I guess I can take solace in saying I’m the last one that ever saw that million dollar smile. She truly loved and cherished her fans to the end, this I can say. I really did try to get someone to call 911. I’m sorry I wasn’t fast enough, Diana... R.I.P. Heaven is a more beautiful place with you in it.

So sad,
David Michaels

Dave Michaels
Dave Michaels holding his copy of Diana Adams: Her Lives. He was the last person to actually see her alive.

Adam Quartz Qualis (Alpha Q)
Adam will forever remember his first encounter with the literally stunning Diana...

Adam Quartz Qualis

I have had a crush on Miss Adams since the first day I ever laid eyes on her on the cover of a fashion magazine almost a decade ago. Some might say that my passion for her was bordering on obsession.

It goes without saying that the first time I actually saw her in person, I was quite shocked. First, because I did not expect her to show up at my job. Second, because she almost broke my jaw with an uppercut.

It turns out that there is more than meet the eyes with miss Adams. Part of me is still angry at the deception (and the near broken jaw). But another part of me cannot resolve itself to be mad at her, especially now.

I forgive you, Miss Adams. You shall always have a place in my (broken) heart...

My thoughts are with you!