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Here's a list of our most frequently asked questions. We have tried to provide as much information as possible. Email us for more information, or if you cannot find an answer to your question. It will be our absolute pleasure to answer you.

Project Wonderful
Yes. We use Project Wonderful for our advertisement. They make it very easy to advertise on specific sites, such as ours. We also offer other forms of Advertising, such as pages in our printed comics or sponsorship opportunities for the series itself. We are always open to suggestions and ideas in this area, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
We do make relatively frequent public appearances. You can find out where and when by checking our news blog regularly or by keeping an eye in our nifty EVENTS section, which is accessible by clicking the little calendar icon in the sidebar of the website. Who is attending depends on a lot of factors - actors availability, distance, costs, and so on. But we usually try to bring at least one actor to each events. Who is coming is also announced on our Facebook page and on the blog.
While we would love to bring every single cast members to every single event we attend, we cannot afford it. Beyond that, these people have careers, lives beyond show business and/or husbands and wives. We have managed so far to get most of the characters at one convention or another: The Canadian, Canadian Shield, Acadia, Mantis, Alpha Q, Masquerade, Fleur-de-Lys, 8 Ball, Hornet, Crimson, Black Terror, Saskana, Borealis, Wild Rose, Jackpot and Medusa Commander have all shown up at one event or the other. That is most of the cast. Some people are too busy and are not available when the conventions are into effect, or it is too long or too far for them. The actors that play 8 Ball, Hornet and Alpha Q actually enjoy conventions and do not mind doing them if they are available. Not everybody does either. We try our very best to bring a wide variety of our actors to shows but it is not always feasible.
Indie Intertube Awards
We have been nominated by for Best Web Drama of 2010 amongst an amazing line-up. We did not win. But it felt good to be considered amongst such great web efforts!

We were also nominated in 8 categories for the 1st Annual
Indie Intertube awards. Again, we were against some pretty tough competition and we ended up winning two of them. We were nominated for:

- Best Costume Design; We won that one
- Best Action;
- Best Ensemble Drama;
- Best Score;
- Best Visual Effects;
- Best Additional Content;
- Most Socially Connected;
- Best Credit Sequence; We won that one as well.

In 2012, we also won the Indie Interube Award for Best Transmedia web series.

That's it so far in terms of Awards!
Bianca Beauchamp as Crimson
We contacted her management, showed them stuff we had done in the past, sent a script, made an offer, met in person and they eventually said yes.
We have a few local celebrities already in the show. However, nobody national or international yet - it was not for a lack of trying. Budget and travel limitations are a big factor. But we are always on the lookout for opportunities. We never know.
We had already worked with Edith in the past, so she was already familiar with what working with us entailed. We just sent her the script and asked.
We have worked with Annie in the past on a few projects. She already knows us. We just had to ask.
We contacted her management, showed them stuff we had done in the past, sent a script, made an offer, met in person with her management people and they eventually said yes.
They made a comment about wanting to appear on the show after a web article was made about Heroes of the North. We took them at their word and they accepted.
The usual way: Auditions, word of mouth, nepotism...
The general answer is yes.

Anderson Bradshaw (8 Ball) is a stuntman and actor in numerous films, including Taking Lives, Lucky Number Slevin, etc.

John Fallon is also an actor and has been in numerous films, including 100 feet, Saw II, Deaden, etc.

Larry Vinette is also a stuntman and has appeared in numerous movies.

Edith Labelle as appeared in another one of our films,
RECON 2023: The Gauda Prime Conspiracy.

Michel Brouillette is an actor and comedian and you can see him in numerous commercials (Gilette, Cage aux Sports).
Yes it is true. Our first comic, an 80 pages omnibus, was solicited in the November 2011 Diamond Previews and will come out on January 25th, 2012.
Armando Huerta: Crimson
Dean Yeagle: Hornet
Joel Adams: Nordik
Ty Templeton: Pacifica, Canadian Shield, Acadia
Donald Caron: Madame Doom, Crimson, The Canadian, Alpha Q, Hornet, Fleur-de-Lys, Nordik, 8 Ball
Felix Laflamme: Black Terror
Olivier Raymond: Canadian Shield
Geof Isherwood: Medusa, Alpha Q and Masquerade, Christmas Black Terror and 8 Ball, Christmas Girls of HOTN, Omnibus 2 Cover, VODA
Marcus Smith: 8 Ball, Madame Doom, Masquerade, EDO Team, Heroes of the North vs Medusa
Al Rio: Fleur-de-Lys
Dan Parent: Love Bites (Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik)
Michael Dooney: Pacifica, Nordik, Fleur-de-Lys
Patrick Hénaff: Trade Paperback Cover
This was an artistic choice. We figured that bright colours where not the best choice if you wanted to be stealthy. So we went for black. It also makes it easier for continuity when things get dirty.
We thought that Lycra and spandex look silly on anyone and we did not have the budget for leather. Latex is form fitting, definitely looks like a superhero outfit and was more in our price range.
All the latex costumes were provided by Polymorphe, a world renowned latex designer. Our costume designer, Anderson Bradshaw, would draw up the concept and Polymorphe would create the costume based on his illustrations.
Yes, we will see more of him. A partial conclusion of Episode One will be found at the beginning of Episode 17, Past and Present. There is also more Canadian Shield infos in the Season Finale Comic Book.
Well, while most of us are Quebecers, the dire reality is that a francophone market is limited to begin with. Superheroes, Canadian ones at that, makes it even more of a niche. It would be financial suicide to hope to make that work on such a small sample of the world population. English is an almost universal language understood in many countries and a good majority of people do have a minimal grasp of it. It increases the chances of the show to be viewed and enjoyed worldwide, while opening up a much bigger market. The nascent web series industry is already cutthroat as it is, we had to make an economically viable decision.
While we managed to keep the episodes flowing at a decent pace of one every two weeks, we are now quite behind unfortunately. There are many reasons for it but the main one is we have to earn a living and it takes over doing the show sometimes. While we did our best to keep the pace, we got overwhelmed at some point. Do not fear though, everything is shot and we are committed to release the entire first season at the very least. We just cannot establish a precise timetable at this point. The best way to find out when the next show or comic is coming out is to join our newsletter. Another option is to keep an eye on the Events page. Sometimes we throw in the Episodes releases dates or comics releases.
We have not participated yet to any festivals. However we received a few invitations. We had to refuse because it is our policy to not participate in ANY festival that requires entry fees.  While we understand that it is a cutthroat business for festival organizers - it is hard to get butts in seats anywhere! - we also feel that filmmakers invest lots of their time, energy and money to make their projects and that without them, there would not be festivals in the first place.
La Presse Cover
Yes, it is true. The proof is right here on the left. You may view the cover (and read the extensive article) here by downloading the PRESS CLIPPINGS file.
Besides the ones already viewable in the Gallery, there is Black Terror, Pacifica, Masquerade and Medusa Commander coming up.
No. It would be cost prohibitive for us to mass produce these things - and frankly we have our hands full with everything else. However, those interested can find the latex costumes at Polymorphe. They do custom jobs, and they are very friendly and open minded. Be warned: it is not cheap but the quality is great - we can fight in them without problems.
Well, most of us are long time comic book fans and we have been trying to get a show like this going for years. Our main inspiration is obviously Marvel but there is some DC thrown in and a few more obscure references to other indie titles. The main idea was to see how things would be if we had a superhero team, Marvel or DC style, in Canada, with the unique challenges that supposes in a country such as ours.
First, by participating and visiting the site often. View the episodes, rate them, comment on them. Talk about the show with your friends on forums. Recommend episodes or the comics you like on Facebook. Spread the word. The more people know about the show and visit, the more it gives it relevance to potential advertisers and sponsors. The more it gives it credence for the media as well, therefore increasing the exposure and giving us enough of a platform and arguments to convince others with money or clout that the project is worthwhile, that it has active fans and followers and that they deserve more. We have an amazing group of fans - help us get many more!

Second, if you can, donate, even if it is very little. It helps cover our server costs and helps us keep everything free for as long as possible.

Third, buy our gear if you can afford it. This goes towards our production costs and helps us keep paying the actors, technicians, artists and writers that make this all possible.

Fourth, you find a bug in the site, do not hesitate to write us about it! We are a very small team - we are doing our best to test everything but it's you guys, the end users, who can help us the most with that stuff.

Fifth, give us your opinions and criticism. Even if it is negative, as long as it is constructive, we love it! Don't be afraid to offend us, we are big boys, we can take it as long as it is done with class and respect. Just writing: this show sucks!, does not help anyone. But if you explain why, or what you would have liked to see to make it better, it is definitely much more helpful to us. Sometimes there is not much we can do about it for budget reasons, but if we can improve it, we will.

The same reasoning is true for compliments! Just saying it is awesome and it does feel great (and we love to hear it!), but it does not help us pinpoint what works best - telling us that it is awesome and why is much more helpful! Not only that, it makes for much more interesting web conversations!

Sixth, if you have a website, you can download one of our banners
here and link back to the site. We are also open to banner exchanges if your site is related to our show ie comic books, manga, genre films, webseries, etc.

And finally, we cannot say it enough: SPREAD THE WORD and your enthusiasm for the show! Create fan sites or Facebook fan pages! Send us your artwork for the fan gallery! Be the greatest fans of a web series EVER!
The two members of Les hasbines played a part in an episode of Heroes of the North (Episode 19) as Nouveaux Felquistes. They got some comics and a T-shirt out of the experience and decided to do "web series product placement" in their show, to hilarious results, at least to those in the know...
Entirely out of our pockets. No grants, no subventions, nothing. Our main expense is salaries to our collaborators. We cannot pay a fortune but we do pay way above minimum wages. We do and financed everything out of pocket. Why^ Because we believe in the project and because we like it. Items bought in the store, ads, donations, eventually membership, allow us to keep some of the costs down. We hope to preserve the show for free because that is how we envisioned it but if we cannot at least break even, then we will have no choice but to seek out a better revenue stream or cease the show production altogether.
It is currently in the works!
Email us with FAQ in the subject Header and your answer will be here within a few days. Fair enough?
There is 20 Episodes included in Season One.
The budget varies greatly depending on the episodes, but a good average would be roughly $5000 CAD per episode, most of which is salaries and food.
We tried for years to get a Canadian superhero project done through traditional means but without success. A 10 minutes promo of an old project shot in 1992 is available in the Members section. With the advent of the new technologies in terms of editing, special effects and cameras, we saw the opportunity to do it ourselves and finally have our dream see the light of day, perhaps without all the trappings of a real budget but at least it lives.
The Canadian Shield/The Canadian: I think this one is obvious -Captain America. We need a nationalistic symbol and the Captain is hard one to beat.

Fleur-de-Lys: Quebec would not go well with the idea of National superheroes so we had to create one specifically for the Province. Simple enough. Add electric bracelets created by Hydro-Quebec and you have a classic! Plus it allowed us to introduce the New Felquists as she would have to deal with Quebec's homegrown terrorists.

Nordik: We wanted someone to deal with the Arctic parts of the country. We wanted to avoid the usual inuit/native cliché yet represent the hardship of those isolated part of the country.

Black Terror: This one is a cross between a superhero film project we had try to develop for years and the public domain character from the now defunct Nedor comic line.

8 Ball: This is Anderson Bradshaw's creation, also another superhero film we tried to develop for years without success. We took part of the original storyline and adapted it to our new Universe.
The first Season was shot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with stock footage from other parts of Canada, including Fredericton and Vancouver.
Most of the show was shot on various incarnations of the Panasonic HVX-200A and some scenes were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a GoPro camera.
Whenever we can, yes. We think it looks better than anything we can do CGI. When that is not possible, we use live action stock footage, like the fantastic stuff available at Detonation Films. If don't have what we need through stock footage, then we resort to CGI. But it is usually last resort as it is resources intensive and usually does not look that good, at least when fire is concerned.
Very! Most of the show was shot in November and December 2009. As you can imagine,it was not very warm. Especially for those wearing the skimpy outfits...
Nothing extravagant and nothing full on, but definitely expect some sexy moments.
While we would have loved to keep the show free, the reality is that it costs a lot of money to make it… We tried to run a crowd funding campaign without success and we came to the conclusion that if we want to keep making the best show we can, we need to put a price on it. We want to move forward, not backwards. Things are explained in this blog post.
They are not - they are no shorter than most episodes of the first Season. We call them minisodes because they are between 6-10 minutes in length, as opposed to the full episodes of Season 2, which we plan on running between 10-20 minutes each.