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Medusa CEO relocates to Montreal


Medusa Industries CEO Hortense Netter will be personally overseeing a new and as of yet unannounced project, and will be setting up a temporary office in the Medusa Industries regional offices in Montreal, Canada. There was no word on what this new project is, or the time frame that will be involved.

Flowers Enterprises CEO found Dead


Marvin Flowers, CEO of Flowers Enterprises, was found dead in his office last night. Police are investigating the “unnatural death”.

Flowers was found on the morning of July 7th after Police received an emergency call from the company's headquarters. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A preliminary police investigation has ruled out suicide.

Flowers Enterprises Ltd. issued a statement on its website, saying they were ‘shocked and saddened’ by the news and gave their deepest condolences to Flowers’ family.

"The Flowers Enterprises team is shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and CEO Marvin Flowers. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and loved ones. Marvin was an inspiration to all of us and he will be sorely missed,” the statement said.

Scott Robinson, an employee at Flowers Enterprises, described Flowers as ambitious, "He was a go-getter, he always worked very hard ... He was desperately trying to get his company out of the slumps."

In a move that surprised many observers, Hortense Netter, CEO of Medusa Industries, Flowers Enterprises toughest competitor, released the following statement after the official announcement of his death:

"It is with deep sadness that on behalf Medusa Industries and all of its subsidiaries, I would like to extend our condolences to the family, friends, associates and relatives of Marvin Flowers, CEO of Flowers Enterprises.

As most of you are probably aware, Flowers Enterprises has been our fiercest competitor in the field. And while it has not always been easy between our two companies, there is no joy in our hearts today as we extend our sympathies to those touched by Mr. Flowers untimely and frighteningly brutal death.

One can only speculate about what could have caused someone to use such violence against such a successful and respected man.

We remain, in grief, respectful of the man and his many accomplishments. May he rest in peace.", the statement read.

The death of the 38-year old followed a tumultuous week for the embattled company.

Medusa CEO Arrested!


In a shocking turn of events, Hortense Netter, CEO of Medusa Industries, was arrested late last night at her Old Montreal residence and taken under custody under suspicions of a possible involvement with the recent brutal death of Marvin Flowers, himself CEO of Flowers Enterprises. Details are very scarce at the moment but we will update our readers as they trickle in...

Medusa Industries strikes a deal with BaxCo!


Medusa Industries CEO Hortense Netter is in talks with BaxCo president and CEO, Babin Baxter. Details of the agreement have not yet linked but rumor has it that Medusa Industries is aggressively pursuing BaxCo and even, pressuring them into a potential merger. Speculations are rampant as to why Medusa Industries is so interested in the outfit, since BaxCo's main point of interest is fashion whereas Medusa has traditionally focused their efforts into weapons and genetically modified organisms. Is it possible that they have found a new use for their award-winning, best selling GMO corn? Only time will tell!

Baxco Hostile Takeover


In a move that stunned the financial sector, Medusa Industries with its astonishing $3.3 billion hostile bid on Monday for the Baxter Corporation, Medusa Industries did not so much alter today's rapidly evolving corporate ethos as lay down an historic marker for the deep changes already at work in an economy obsessed with efficiency and cost-cutting.

Hortense Netter, CEO of Medusa Industries, emphasized that the gentlemanly days when corporate giants operated through the Old Boy network and extolled the values of corporate citizenship have been replaced by a sense that competing, and competing aggressively, is a corporate executive's highest calling, whatever it takes.

Miss Netter said: "Hostile takeovers are a normal part of thinking about corporate growth now."

Indeed, the entire debate has been recast. The question is no longer "Why would you do something so disruptive?" but "What else can you do to reduce costs and provide better returns to shareholders?"

But perhaps the most striking aspect of this takeover bid, and the one that says the most about these times, is that it defies the accepted wisdom on the difficulties of trying to acquire a company whose primary value isn't in its machinery or real estate but rather, in that most mercurial of assets -- people.