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- See the aftermath of the Jackpot Minisode and the rise of Wild Card!

- What happens when 8 Ball and Jackpot meet for the first time?

- The Islander has first world problems in Prince Edward Island.

- Lighthouse must fight a former sidekick turned to the dark side.

- Meet Yellow Knife and his first encounter with the deadly Crimson!

- Discover the wonders of the infinitely small with Nano!

- Meet Lily Ryder, former eco terrorist and soon to be Saskana, protector of Saskatchewan!

- Who is the mysterious Yukon Jack? What is his connection to Medusa?

- Nordik finds a young woman unconscious in the white plains of the Arctic. Who is she and where does she come from?

- Wild Rose is a rookie at fighting crime in Alberta but her heart is in the right place.

- A mining accident will bring the hero inside Iron Ore!

- Discover the origins of Voda, Manitoba's own superheroine!

- Terra Nova reminisces about her past while fighting her nemesis, Spring Heel Jack.

- Mantis and Hornet involve themselves in North Korea's politics!

- Borealis feels the weight of being a bridge between two cultures.

Jump inside a new Universe with brand new exciting stories!

This 220 pages trade paperback features work by a plethora of Canadian artists, including Gibson Quarter, André St-Amour, Djibril Morissette, Erik Mullins, Simon Pothier, Brad Coffey and many more! Cover by Christopher Yao.

plus Taxes (if applicable, Canadian residents only.)


Yann Brouillette

Yann Brouillette was born in Montreal in 1981 and has loved comic books since he's a kid. Despite his parents' aversion for them, Yann and his brother sneakily exchanged tooth fairy's money for the latest issues of the X-Men... and did not believe in tooth fairies.

Since its first issue in 2010, Yann became the head-writer for the Canadian super hero comic book series Heroes of the North with the publication of the Canadian Shield issue #1, which he co-wrote with his brother. Simultaneously, Yann has written sci-fi short stories for the Zidara9 Québec anthology as well as Enfer Corps. a series of funny stories surrounding a bunch of pathetic devils for the Lanfeust Mag.

Rumor has it that Yann obtained his Masters in organic chemistry from Université de Montréal in 2005 and his Ph. D. in organic chemistry from Montpellier University in 2008. It's true.

Now a chemistry professor at Dawson College since 2009, Yann is offering a new complementary course to non-science students entitled "Comic Book Chemistry" where he uses situations depicted in graphic novels to describe basic chemistry.

In sum, he hopes you will enjoy reading Heroes of the North's comics as much as he liked writing them.

Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels is a lifelong fan of comic books and is so passionate about them, he practically bleeds comics!

As writer of the Full Page Bleed column on eXpress News & Reviews (ENR) for for 3 years and counting, “The Bleeder King” has had the chance to interview dozens of comic book industry professionals, legends, cosplay models and even a movie star or two.

Now he is making his mark not only adding his brand of dark, twisted humour to the Heroes of the North by writing comics, but also some of the episodes of the live action web series as well!

Dave is here to turn the world of Canadian superheroes on its head, so somebody should call 911!

Mike Gagnon

Mike Gagnon has built a successful career, working for publishers such as Marvel Comics, Jack Lake Productions, Dark Horse Entertainment and more.

Christian Viel

Award-winning Canadian editor/director Christian Viel began his career at the age of 20 by writing, producing, directing and editing Lignes de Vie, an ambitious feature length police action drama. He kept himself busy by producing, directing and editing about 50 shorts films, most of them action oriented.

In 1992, he directed a ten minute demo reel for BlackWatch Communications, The Hunter which got him the nickname of Montreal’s John Woo by the press.

In 2003, he wrote, produced, directed and edited RECON 2020 an ambitious militaryscience-fiction film that follows a bunch of space marines on a suicide mission on a deserted colony. The film won numerous awards, most notably Best Sci-Fi/Action Film at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in England in 2005 and the Best Science-Fiction Film award at the Wreck-Beach Film Festival.

The film was also an official selection of the Fantasia Film Festival as well as a special presentation at the Indie Meet Las Vegas.

Christian has since produced, directed and edited seven feature films and two webseries.

Christian is currently hard at work finishing off Heroes of the North, his latest web series.