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Comic Book Bundle with Bonus Canadian Shield
  • Whether their origin is filled with humour or tragedy, triumph or heartache, all of the characters of Heroes of The North each have interesting and well conceived back stories and the gang puts their hearts and souls into bringing them on the page!
    Dave Michaels, Full Page Bleed
  • In the middle of the Compendium right now... First contact with HOTN... God it's good... I thought the concept was interesting before, but I never thought it would be that good...
    Michel Alepins, on Facebook
  • The best superhero bang for your buck out there!
    Maxim Tremblay
  • Alpha Flight, eat your heart out!
    Ottawa Comicon Attendee

These are not your Daddy's comics!

This is what you get:
240 pages of comics - 264 with the bonus! Now that is a lot of entertainment for your dollars!
You save $12! More money in your pockets!
You support Canadian artists and creators! Now that is good karma as well!

With stories and art by top Canadian artists such as Ty Templeton (Batman, Spider-Man), Geof Isherwood (Conan, Doctor Strange), Donald Caron (Vampirella), Patrick Hénaff (The Will of Captain Crown), Dan Parent (Archie), Gibson Quarter (Undertow) and many more!

Based on the award-winning web series.

Plus shipping and taxes (if applicable - Canadian residents only)