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We will not be attending Ottawa Comicon 2015

It is with deep regrets that we have to announce that we will not participate in the Ottawa Comicon 2015.  We had reserved our places and were roaring to go but we have been informed that the layout would be the same as last year, which was, for all intent and purpose, dreadful for both us and the fans.

Cramped space, no room to move or take pictures, it was a miserable affair for everybody concerned, including our neighbours and fellow exhibitors.

The problem is that the Congress Centre is too small now for the popularity of the event, as well as seriously flawed design wise, one of the worst of all the convention centre we have ever been to...  The stupid wall that divides one quarter of the floor makes it difficult for people to see that there is even more stuff on the other side, especially on a day when the floor is packed.  The lack of space means that exhibitors are cramped and piled on each other - there was so little space, we had to go UNDER the tables to get behind them last year.  It was very unpleasant.  People wanting to take pictures had to basically lean against our neighbours table to try and have enough space to frame themselves.  Not fun for anyone and needless to say, we spent our weekend apologizing to our neighbours.  Add to that a sea of people and no air, as the air circulation system was over taxed, and it made for a messy affair overall.

Through no fault of the organizers, who are as always gracious and courteous, the event has outgrown the space.  We strive to give the best experience to our fans and many could not even find us last year, and those who could certainly did not get the best experience they deserved.  

Being stuck in a cramped space, behind that ill-conceived dreadful wall, with barely enough space to take pictures or talk to people is not our idea of a great, fun convention experience...  So after a lot of soul searching, since we have lots of great friends and fans in Ottawa and it pains us greatly to not see them this year, we have decided to skip the event with the hope that things will eventually get better - if they do, we shall definitely return as Ottawa used to be one of our favourite convention in the country.  Growing pains on such adventures are unavoidable but it does not mean that we have to suffer them.  Lots of time and resources go on these ventures and we felt that our funds and energies would be better put towards completing Season 2 than spending a couple of weeks prepping an event where everyone concerned would be miserable.

All is not lost however as we will be attending the new Cornwall & Area Pop Event aka CAPE on April 18th.  It is not far from Ottawa and we invite you to come see us there this year instead.  More information can be found on their website:

We will be at the Montreal Comicon in July however, as usual and at several other conventions during the summer and the fall.  We look forward to see you there.  Thank you for your understanding.

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