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Crimson Comic Book: The Girl with the Broken Halo

Crimson: The Girl with the Broken Halo

And we just did another teaser, this time for Crimson: The Girl with the Broken Halo, written by Yann & Michel Brouillette and illustrated by Marcus MAS Smith.  It can be viewed on the Compendium product page.


Yellow Knife Teaser is here!

OK! Yellow Knife Teaser is now online! Members just need to login and enjoy!

Others can unlock it with a Tweet! We are working on a Facebook and Google plus unlock for those who are not on Twitter.

We highly recommend reading the Yellow Knife character page before watching!

Yellow Knife is probably the most irreverent of all our characters... This episode features one of the most intense fight we ever shot on the show!

Starring Mike Donis, Saskia Klunder, Devon Nicholson and Bianca Beauchamp as Crimson!

Enjoy the teaser and tell us what you think!


Yellow Knife Teaser teaser...

We made an animated gif showing you some key moments of the upcoming Yellow Knife: On the Edge teaser trailer, just to make fun of these teasers of teasers the studios are doing these days...

And yes, blink and you will miss her: it is Crimson!

Refresh your browser to watch the animation again.

UPDATE:  The teaser is now online!  Members just need to login and enjoy!  Others just need to tweet and watch!  Enjoy!


The Unboxing

We received the Crimson 1:6 Scale Collectible figurine today and we put together this cheesy little video just for fun... :)

We have a few left, which we will bring at the Montreal Comicon.  First come, first served basis!


Crimson by Donald Caron
The Crimson comic book written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, penciled by Marcus Smith aka MAS, with a cover by Armando Huerta for the online version and a cover by Donald Caron for the print version (Available later), is now online. The character of Crimson is interpreted by model Bianca Beauchamp in the series.

WARNING: This is an extremely harsh story and it will offend some readers. Discretion is strongly advised

We recommend however that people who can stomach it read it BEFORE watching Episode 12. It will give a lot more depth to the content of that episode.


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