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Thank you Montreal!

Heroes of the North at Montreal Comicon 2014

Hey everyone!

For some reason, Montreal Comicon 2014 was particularly exhausting.

51,000 people came to visit the show and hopefully they all had a blast!

We certainly did!

Our photos (and fan photos) are up in our Gallery.

A special character focused gallery is also in preparation in the MEMBERS section!

A very warm thank you to everyone who came to say hi at the booth and to the organizers for a well-run event.

See you next year!

The Heroes of the North Team



Mantis (Marie Ty)

Here is the schedule of the characters at our booth for the 2014 Montreal Comicon:

All three days: Hornet (Marie-Claude Bourbonnais), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), Wild Rose (Sandra Belrose)

Saturday and Sunday: Mantis (Marie Ty)

Saturday, between 2 and 4 PM: Acadia (Christina Sciortino), The Canadian (Larry Vinette), Medusa Commander (Constantine Kourtidis), New Felquist - and comic book writer (Jean-Dominic Leduc)

Writer Yann Brouillette will also be present Friday evening as well as all day Saturday and Sunday.

There is a tentative chance that Michel Brouillette (Canadian Shield) and series writer will be on the floor Saturday.  We will confirm when we know for sure.


Sting Operation

All right! This Kim Jong Un controversy is too good to pass up!

STING OPERTATION is a story that was not due to be out for a while but the timing is just too good to simply ignore it!

We did a story a while back about how Kim Jong Il passed away and how his son got the power. It features Mantis and Hornet, as well as Medusa Commander, and it is our first NSFW story, lovingly illustrated by Daniel Wong with colours by Aljosa Tomic.

Because of its sensitive nature, it is available only to our MEMBERS in the MINI-COMICS section.

It might be shocking for some sensibilities, so consider yourselves warned but most of you should be fine. Enjoy! And let us know what you think below - BUT NO SPOILERS PLEASE!



Figurines Designs by MAS

The last three designs for the Heroes of the North First Season series of Figurines are finally out! Designed by Marcus “MAS” Smith, they feature Pacifica (played by Alexandra Ordolis), Masquerade (played by Pia Metni) and the evil Medusa Commander (played by Constantine Kourtidis). This complete the first series of figurines planned for Season 1. We cannot wait to see the actual sculpt. Visit the Galleries to see all the stages.

Also we finally implemented our Newsletter system. You can register for the newsletter anytime here.


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