Boutique L'Imaginaire

The first stop on our brand new comic tour was Boutique L’Imaginaire, one of the nicest comic shop we have seen, in wonderful Quebec City and what a load of fun it was!
The awesome team headed by Jean-Michel created our small group of Northern Heroes with top notch reception and great organization. And the really friendly patrons contributed to the first SOLD OUT of the books - we ran through all the books that the store had ordered before the end of the event. Thankfully Jean-Michel had asked us to bring more so we were able to handle the shortage. We had a great time and wish to thank everyone who came by to chat with us, buy gear or discuss the wonders of the comic book world! Thanks again! We look forward to visit you again soon! May is apparently a lovely time to visit Quebec we are told… Happy

We also had the occasion of doing a really fun interview with the people behind Ultimradio. The interview isnot out yet but there is a little post on their
site about today’s events.

Photos will be uploaded in the Events section of the Gallery in a few days.
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