Here it is! The time has come to pre-order the second volume of the Heroes of the North Omnibus compilation, which will come out this September! Featuring scripts by Yann and Michel Brouillette, as well as a guest scripts by Ty Templeton and Jean-Dominic Leduc, this eclectic entry called HEROES OF THE NORTH: MISSIONS features the artistic talents of Geof Isherwood, Dan Parent, David Cutler, Gibson Quarter, Zach Fisher, Guillermo Ortego, Daniel Wong, Keiren Smith, Aljoša Tomić, and Zen.

Featuring the stories available in the comic book section of the site, it also features several new stories not available anywhere else, including a story with the New Felquists, Pacifica, Alpha Q and 8 Ball, as well as a trippy Black Terror tale.

Here is the description synopsis:

Nordik and 8 Ball team up to elucidate cold blooded murders.  8 Ball and Black Terror bring down a counterfeiters ring.  The Canadian, Fleur-de-Lys and Nordik thwart a zombots attack in Riverdale, Toronto. A CDO agent discovers what it means to be The Canadian. A young orphan becomes Acadia.  All that and more in this 80 pages follow-up to the Heroes of the North: Dark Origins!

Order it now from your favourite comic book shop if you do not want to miss it!!!


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