Best Sci-Fi Webseries of 2013

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The 7th Matrix has released their choice for their 20 best webseries of 2013 and Heroes of the North scored a nifty number 2! Alongside a glowing review, here is what they had to say about the show:

What if the characters in a superhero comic book literally came to life?

They would probably look a lot like the costumed adventurers that populate the universe of Heroes Of The North, an ambitious transmedia project that includes novels, comic books - and the crown jewel - a dynamic, action-packed web series.

Produced and set in Canada, the web series follows a group of superheroes charged by the government to keep the peace, and protect the nation from threats to security both foreign as well as domestic.

Every aspect of this project features production value that looks as if millions of dollars were attributed to the budget.

The far more impressive reality is Heroes Of The North is independently produced and financed.

This is a powerful testament to the talent, passion, and dedication of the producers, writers, cast and crew.

The plotting is another hallmark, as the ancillary media adds greater depth and complexity to the main storyline. This makes for a truly immersive entertainment experience.

If you love action, intrigue, superheroes and comic books, you will find much to love in Heroes Of The North.

As we are already hard at work on Season 2, with the first episode Jackpot: Royal Flush soon to head into sound mixing, we hope that our fans and supporters will appreciate even more the second season of the series. We are committed to pushing the limits, so here is hoping we make the list again in 2014!
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