Canadian Shield Prophylactics (Condoms)

We are never short of ideas over here at Heroes of the North Central. And we are known from not shying away from weirdness, oddities and other directions some would not venture into. So we had a good laugh initially when a fellow filmmaker suggested we made condoms as promo items for the show. Just making condoms made little sense. But using it in the context of World War II era propaganda against venereal diseases and using the Canadian Shield logo and name for the brand... That was a step we did not hesitate to make. Just because it is so darn funny. Here are some of our very real, actual, honest to goodness WII propaganda inspirations.

They are coming, folks. Pun intended. Keep an eye out in the store for the Limited Edition Collector’s Edition Canadian Shield Prophylactics... We extensively tested our first test batch. They are ready for prime time. They will be ready for Fan Expo. Get them while they last!


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