Coda Sneak peek

blogEntryTopperWith the imminent release of our second Omnibus this September, it feels kind of weird to talk about the third Omnibus, Coda, already. But that one will be out later this fall, in December to be exact, so we are already hard at work on it. Featuring the stunning cover by Donald Caron as chosen by our Facebook fans - it will feature the 24 pages Season Finale by Olivier Raymond and Kellam Templeton, and written by Yann and Michel Brouillette, as well as 56 pages of NEVER BEFORE SEEN MATERIAL. That’s right - the bulk of the comic wll be brand new stories that will not be available online. So far we can tell you that the book will be featuring work by Gibson Quarter & Guillermo Ortego, who gave us the kinetic madness of the Black Terror/8 Ball team-up - you can see a sample of Gibson’s pencils above, new comer to the Heroes of the North fold Christopher Yao, who illustrates a sweet Nordik tale, Geof Isherwood who pencils a New Felquistes Halloween tale created by guest writer Jean-Dominique Leduc. There will also be a Madame Doom tale which will prepare you for events of Season 2 and introduce a new villain to the Heroes of the North universe as well as a Medusa Commander tale and much more! So keep an eye out for Heroes of the North: CODA this November!
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