East Coast Comic Expo

8 Ball at the East Coast Comic Expo

A little less than a month ago, we were contacted by several hotnorthians from New Brunswick informing us of a new comicon in the area, the East Coast Comic Expo. It was going to be their first year altogether. Who says first time usually says problems but this year our focus was the East Coast and we had decided we would try to do as many events in the East as possible. So the fans wanted us there (at least 15 of them), it fitted the travel plans for this year and it sounded like fun to be part of a first time ever Con!

So it was with great excitement that we headed down the 20 towards Moncton New Brunswick last week to be part of the Moncton adventure! And what a thrill it was! This convention was so well organized that it put to shame several much bigger events we attended. Even though it was only one day, it was quite busy and it helped generate sufficient revenues to cover all of our travel expenses. Kudos to all the organizers and a special mention to Georgio for throwing such a nice party afterwards!

The Heroes of the North wish you an even better Second Edition!
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