Heroes of the North Figurines Pre-Order!

Here we are, ready to go with the second wave of Heroes of the North Figurines. And to celebrate that, we offer you 50% on the retail price because you are ordering now, ahead of everybody else, and it helps us tremendously. However, this offer will only last until midnight, AUGUST 31, 2011. The figurines are now in the early stages of production and will be delivered in November 2011. A few of them have LED enhancements, such as Nordik (LED ice Base), Madame Doom (LED catwalk Base) and Black Terror (glowing Red Eyes). Accordingly, they are more expensive. Also ready are the figurines of Canadian Shield and 8 Ball, which are closer to our standard prices. You may have a look at the figurines or your may PRE-ORDER them now if you wish.
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