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Two really neat articles came out this week!

First is an entertaining interview with Gibson Quarter (Bang Bang Theory, Prototype, Timeout) about his various projects, with a mention of his work on Heroes of the North and a quick glimpse at his pencils from Prototype. You can read all about it at
Comic Book Daily.

There was also a really nifty article by Dave Michaels aka FPB over at Expert Comics. Dave came a few months ago to cover the shooting of elements of Episode 17, 19 and 20 as well as interview cast and crew members. He even did a little cameo in Episode 19 as the guy in a wheelchair that calls 911 and helped Masquerade. Dave gives us an heartfelt and in-depth exposé about his two days adventures on the set of Heroes of the North. It is a definitely intensely entertaining read that sheds some light on the backstage shenanigans of shooting a low budget web series. You can read all about it over at
Expert Comics.
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