Here we come with part two of the update!

EPISODES: Three out of the four episodes left to release are for the most part edited - the sound needs to be done on them. Three of the last four episodes have a lot of special effects in them and it has taken longer than anticipated to finish those amidst all the other complicaitons. We are working hard on getting it done and at least two of them should be released very shortly.

DVD: The release of the DVD has been delayed because of the episodes. This is both a good and a bad thing - bad because we cannot send the DVD right away, good because we have more time to had more features to it.

DVD Launch: Several fans have asked us to make a public DVD launch with a screening of episodes. We are planning one in July. More details to come. But we will also make it an exposition of costumes, props, art and other HOTN related stuff.

Season 2: Several comics a quite a few episodes have been written for Season 2 with more on the way. We are currently starting writing a few more. We start shooting Season 2 in August and September of this year.

Secret Project: Those of you who remember a few posts in this blog about the secret project will be pleased to hear it is progressing well. We should have something to show you very soon! It is very exciting and the whole team is pumped with even the partial imagery we have at the moment.

Website: We are still working on the best solution to accommodate all possible platforms via flexible width. Not perfect but it seems to be the best direction to take. We are learning as we go, so bear with us. That is also a big reason we are behind.

Internet Explorer: We officially no longer support this piece of crap browser. It is not standard and causes all kinds of conflicts and problems. Until Windows gets its act together, we strongly suggest you use one of the many, free browsers out there made by people who actually use the internet. Suggestions: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Your computer - and web designers world wide, will thank you with tears in their eyes.

All in all, this is pretty much where we are at. Since yesterday, strangely enough, we have picked up some steam on a number of comics. Some are getting significantly closer to completion. Expect new material very soon!!!

And thank you for your extreme patience!


The (exhausted) HOTN team
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