Montreal Comicon is over...

… And what a weekend it was! We have not heard any numbers yet but we are pretty sure that last year’s record breaking attendance was broken! So many people came to visit, it was intense! We are still reeling for all the flashes that captured the images of Hornet, 8 Ball, The Canadian and Medusa Commander this weekend. We got to speak to hundreds of fans, some of them first day adopters, and we made a lot of new ones along the way. It was a whirlwind of action all weekend long. We also had a chance to have a very nice dinner with Dan Parent (Archie), his wife and son, as well as the always entertaining Ty Templeton (too many books to count) and his lovely wife Keiren (Heroes of the North, Tights and Fights, Northern Guard) and Gibson Quarter, who will be soon illustrating the 8 Ball comic for us.

A special thanks goes to Oscar, Alex and Elizabeth and all the Comicon staff who worked hard with limited means to put the show together and seriously impressed us with a pretty tight organization overall. The only downside for us was the aggressive attitude of the Place Bonaventure staff - they seemed to be trying very hard to make sure no one felt welcome! Unfortunately, the event was victim of its popularity with people being turned away early in the show. We feel sorry for all of the people who could not come and say hi!

The whole HOTN team had a blast and we hope to see you all again soon!
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