Nathan Fillion as Canadian Shield?

Nathan Fillion Halloween 2012 CostumeNathan Fillion Original Tweet
We are getting a ton of traffic on our Canadian Shield comic and episodes from the United States for the last few days - and lots of Google search on Canadian Shield and it seems to be linked to the fact that Canadian actor Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle) posted a picture of his Halloween costume a few days ago. That picture was also posted on our Facebook wall by a couple of our people in the know on this page already and everyone seems to think he was impersonating our character. We have no idea if it is the case, it seems doubtful because the look is quite different, and it is an easy parody anyways - heck, that is what we did too - but it is pretty funny nevertheless. The wonders of the interweb never cease… Winking In any case, Mr. Fillion’s costume is all kinds of awesome!
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