Place Vine Blog review

The Place Vine Blog, which reviews Branded Entertainment, Web Series and YouTube Channels, recently took a peek at our show:

Koldcast scores another TKO with the web series “
Heroes of the North,” chronicling the awesome adventures of a butt-kicking band of colorfully costumed Canucks – including The Canadian (Larry Vinette), Fleur-de-Lys (Edith Labelle), 8 Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), Nordik (supermodel Vanessa Blouin), Black Terror (John Fallon), and Canadian Shield (comic writer Michel Brouillette) – that basically comprise The Justice League of Canada. Together they face off against an equally elaborate assembly line of supervillains, mostly from the evil organization called Medusa. Extensive individual character background files, digital comic books and multi-media merchandise, including collectible figurines, augment this ambitiously designed and expertly engineered alternative universe, every bit as inventive, engaging, entertaining, complex and just plain fun as X-Men or Watchmen and even The Avengers (at least the comics version). There are episodes devoted to each hero’s unique origin story, and many feature French subtitles, adding spice to the “exotic” North of the Border flavor. The production values are simply spectacular, including the sexy costuming, credible action choreography, and budget-limited but contextually satisfying special effects. All in all, this is Geek’s Paradise Found.
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