Season 2 Casting begins!

Casting has begun for Season 2 of Heroes of the North - episodes shooting will be spread out throughout the year. But we are starting this very weekend with a really fun bit of action set during the Vietnam War. Trying to escape the Viet Congs, a soldier and his pregnant wife are trying to cross the jungle in the hopes of reaching the borders of neighbouring Cambodia. We won’t tell you what happens next but let’s just say that the events of this episode will see the rise of two new villains, Black Mantis and Iron Panther, both of whom will bring many woes to 8 Ball down the road. The astute amongst you will remember Iron Panther being mentioned during the fight between Steel Tiger and 8 Ball in Episode 7… How is that for foreshadowing? We told you we had a plan all along!

In the meantime, we want to welcome the lovely Uni Park to the Heroes of the North family. She will play the mother of Black Mantis as Napalm and agent Orange will drop around her this very weekend...
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