Season 2 shooting begins!


We start shooting a first batch of Origins Episodes next week. That was not the original plan - we had to switch everything around due to a series of unfortunate circumstances that made several actors unavailable for a long period. And then winter came... So we will be shooting Season 2 in the spring instead, which is good because we have several scenes set in the spring!

However, that does not mean you will have to wait that long for your fix of HOTN episodes! We will shoot a series of 5 Origins minisodes (around 10 minutes each) which we will premiere starting at the end of January, releasing one a month until May. By then, Season 2 will have been shot and we will be releasing a 20 minutes episode every month from June until March 2014.

The first episode to go under the camera will be a spectacular Jackpot origins episode called Royal Flush, possibly one of the best episode of the series so far, written by Michel Brouillette. It will be up at the end of January.

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