Site Improvements and other news

We keep trying on improving the site whenever we can get around to it. We finally figured out a way better search engine for the site, which is accessible via the magnifying glass icon on the side bar on your right.

We have also added a Podcasts and Radios Interviews section in the Medias menu since we have done quite a bit of those. It is by no means a complete list - it will slowly grow over the next few weeks as we put everything online. There is also several new press links in the same section.

The final version of the Omnibus cover by MAS has also been added to the Gallery in the Artists Interpretations tab.

Also coming very soon, both in the Freebies section of the store, the long awaited
Wall Papers AND a downloadable MP3 version of the theme song. You will also have the option of playing it via our mini player.

The Production tab in the
about section has finally been completed: read all about how, when and with what the show was shot!

We also have answered a new question in the FAQ - which has to do with our appearances schedule. All informations regarding our appearances is also accessible in the sidebar by clicking the
calendar button, again in the right side bar.

We have also added a nifty little DIMMER button that allows you to darken the screen when watching the episodes.

And to make signing up for our newsletter easier as well, we have it now inside a popup when you click that big red button on the right.

We have also added a sidebar menu that follows you everywhere on the left, so you do not have to scroll back to go to other parts of the site.

And lastly, we have added a mini menu on each comic book pages so that you can jump with ease on any of the currently available comics without having to go back to the main menu.

Here’s hoping you guys enjoy the new additions!
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