So much stuff happening...

panel 2 test

First, a really
cool review from the Web Series Wonders blog to start off the weekend…

Two, big news, HUGE news in fact for our little comics that could… Can’t say too much but an American publisher is gonna put our a 96 pages Omnibus of the books throughout the comic book retailers network across North America. Huge exposure for your favourite Heroes! More detail next week as the press release comes out!

Three, stuff is brewing on the toy front as well. So much is happening it is hard to keep track….

Fourth, we got to meet lots of talented young Canadian creators at the last Fan Expo and several of them will join our art team in the coming months. Special thanks to Ty Templeton and Keiren Smith for shepherding some of these encounters...

And we are starting ground work on Season 2… That’s good for a drink, no? Come on! It is Friday night! Have one for us!

And more importantly: STAY TUNED!

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