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We are truly sorry that the updates have been few and far between. We are still a minuscule team and we are working quite hard behind the scene to soon present you with a brand new Heroes of the North. We have fallen late on several things, some due to problems with publishers, cash flows, just being too busy scraping off a living, but we have not abandoned the show or our fans. Episode 20 will be released extremely shortly, along with the 24 pager Season Finale. Publishing issues have prevented us from delivering Coda on time, but it is headed to the Publisher this week. Nordik and 8 Ball Figurines should be here in time for the Ottawa Comicon with a bit of luck. We are also hard at work finishing up the first Heroes of the North Novel: October Dawn, our first trade paperback, which is going to be a behemoth, at 440 pages! And of course planning the intricacies of Season 2. So stick around true believers, we have a lot more in store for you folks VERY soon!

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